Germany to introduce additional tax on gas. He wants to help suppliers affected by his price hike

Germany to introduce additional tax on gas. He wants to help suppliers affected by his price hike

While many countries are looking for ways to help households with rapidly rising energy bills, people in Germany are still paying more for gas. Federal Minister of Economy Robert Habeck (Greens) presented a proposal for the introduction of a special tax.

Consumers will bear the new tax

The additional tax should amount to 1.5 to 5 eurocents per kilowatt-hour of natural gas consumption. Consumers, not suppliers, will bear the tax. This tax is intended to help suppliers financially bear the costs associated with the gradual replacement of Russian gas supplies. The income from the tax is supposed to prevent the insolvency of many suppliers.

No one knows how much gas will cost

The tax should be introduced from October 1 this year and should be paid until the end of September 2024. It will therefore be part of the German tax system for two years. For a German household of four, this will mean that they will pay up to a thousand euros more per year for gas. Habeck said that the measure is painful, but necessary to stabilize the energy market. “No one knows exactly how much gas will cost in November. However, it is necessary to admit that it will represent a few hundred euros extra for each household,” said the minister.


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