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Comparing spreads, commissions, trading platforms, rules and reading dozens of user reviews about all the popular FX and CFD brokers eats up a lot of every trader’s time. That’s why we’ve done all the hard work for you, so you can simply start trading with a company that has a fast, modern trading platform, a variety of assets and fast customer service. Based on our analysis, Gulf Brokers meets all these criteria.

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Gulf Brokers is an international Forex broker, which is regulated by the Financial Services Authority of the Seychelles FSA. The company has been operating since 2017. Traders can trade currencies, commodities, indices and stocks. Gulf Brokers is headquartered in Seychelles, Suite C2, 2nd. Floor, Orion Mall, Palm Street, Victoria, Mahé. You can contact technical support by e-mail at, or by phone at + 44 208 068 9909.

Gulf Brokers have a decentralized business model that enables them to immediately make decisions when they work with traders and manage other technical or administrative aspects.

What are Gulf Brokers’ pros and cons? Can their features and support help you improve as a trader? To find out, read this article and get all the details that you need to know.

Gulf Brokers – Regulation

Gulf Brokers is licensed and regulated in the Seychelles by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) with license number SD013. The parent company of Gulf Brokers Limited is registered as a securities dealer in the Seychelles with company number 8417634-1.

To additionally protect itself from domestic failures, cyber-attacks, etc., Gulf Brokers has obtained professional liability insurance. Doing so will help secure client funds in case of any problems that may emerge as a result of possible broker misconduct or even bankruptcy, and will make compensation possible.

Gulf Brokers is not available to residents of the following countries and territories: Afghanistan, Cuba, Crimea, Israel, Sudan, North Korea, Ethiopia, Iran, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iraq, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Syria, Uganda, Vanuatu and Yemen.

Gulf Brokers Licences and Authorisation

The very outstanding thing we will note is that this broker has a world award in trading. This is a mega bonus and not every broker can boast of that. Users of the educational portal FOREX-MAG.COM voted in the competition for The Best Customer Service Award, assessing the services provided to customers. In the competition of fifteen brokers, who were among the top reviewed brokers, Gulf Brokers took 2nd place. 

An award from educated public is always pleasure to obtain. It confirms the high level of our services,” says chief analyst of Gulf Brokers Syam KP.

The evaluation criteria, personal experience, such as the availability of the broker’s website in different language versions, the possibility of opening a demo account, the quality of the Education section or local language support, and easy-to-find contact, clearly confirmed the qualities of trusted and award-winning broker Gulf Brokers.

Gulf Brokers Truster and award winning broker

Gulf Brokers Trading platform

This broker took care of its traders to the fullest extent and developed trading platforms with adaptation on different devices.

Gulf Brokers MT5 trading platform

MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is a unique trading platform provided to Gulf Brokers clientele. Designed by MetaQuotes Software Corporation, this popular platform has a simple interface that is quite simple for beginners, but has advanced trading tools and market analysis features that make it suitable for professional traders. MT5 appears in three main options:

MT5 Desktop Terminal

Features of the MT5 are completely adjustable in terms of layouts and windows. Charts can be viewed on the MT5 platform at 21 timeframes. Several order types are also available on the platform, including 6 pending orders. This allows you to activate one-click trading for faster execution of orders. In addition, the platform allows you to install plug-ins that extend the platform’s capabilities by adding new tools or new features. There is also support for strategy automation using EAs, which are written in the MQL5 programming language.

Trading Platform Gulf Brokers

MT5 Mobile Trading App

Mobile trading gives traders complete freedom. Not so long ago, you had to be in front of a computer screen at all times to trade. Today, thanks to smartphones and tablets, you can trade from anywhere in the world.

According to investors, mobile apps offer a number of advantages over those installed on a laptop or desktop computer. The advantages of such applications include:

Simplicity . As with other apps, developers are trying to keep mobile trading platforms as simple as possible, keeping in mind the specificities of smartphones. It is often much easier to understand such an application than a desktop one.

Design. It pays much attention to design, which should be concise, but at the same time create a comfortable environment to work in.

Convenience . Convenience is valued in mobile applications, which is reflected in the layout of charts, buttons, etc. Investors can open and close positions with practically one finger.

All Gulf Brokers users can also enjoy the portable version of the platform on their smartphones, phablets or tablets. Wireless applications are designed for iOS and Android devices. It is available on Apple and the Google Play Store.

Trading instruments on Gulf Brokers

Gulf Brokers provides approximately 700 trading instruments on its platform. These include 61 currency pairs, 14 indices and 7 commodities. In addition, there are 610 stocks on the platform, which consists of 105 German, 16 Dutch, 35 Spanish, 20 Swiss and 435 U.S. stocks.

Gulf Brokers Trading Instruments

Traders get up to 500:1 in leverage, which applies to all currency pairs. Major and exotic currencies all have the same, industry-standard 1 lot size of 100,000 in the base currency. The smallest permissible trade size is 0.01 lots.

In contrast, the spreads are very big. Actually, most brokers have spreads of no more than 3 pips, especially when it comes to major currencies. The lowest spread at Gulf Brokers, on the other hand, is 3 pips. On some major currency pairs, it is as high as 20 pips.

Site interface

The Galbrokers website interface is very professional and skilful. Transparency is evident throughout. White, yellow and dark blue are the basic colour scheme. All the information is very easy to find, nothing is superfluous. In the top panel there are the names of all the subpages you need.

Trading Instruments Gulf Brokers

A very positive fact is that the broker’s contacts are not at the bottom of the page, but at the top next to the login or join button.

Special mention should be made of the exceptional information on the broker’s website in the Research section. Gulf Brokers features a selection of market research that includes market news, daily summaries, a blog and an economic calendar. The main studies available are described below:

  • Market News: Includes latest market news and stories affecting global markets.
  • Daily Summary: Includes a daily market report that includes a breakdown of the stock, currency and commodities markets. The report also includes an economic forecast highlighting important data and a technical forecast showing key price levels.
  • Blog: Gulfbroker’s leading analysts share their perspective on global markets in a series of articles that cover politics, currencies, stocks and more.
  • Economic Calendar: Keep up to date with the latest global events and economic data releases.

Generally, the quality of the research is comprehensive, enlightening and regularly updated. It is also appropriate for both novice and experienced traders.

Gulf Brokers Education section

Gulf Brokers offers a good set of training materials, and provides three informative trading videos, top trading tips and a glossary. The three videos cover the following topics: “How to avoid trading fraud”, “What kind of trader are you?” and “How CFDs work”. The content of the videos is of high quality.

The trading tips section contains six articles designed to help users understand how risky instruments work, as well as a small glossary covering important trading and financial market terminology.

Tips for traders from Gulf Brokers

Another outstanding innovation on the broker’s website is the Gulfbrokers TV feature. No other well-known broker offers this. In this section you will find the following information regarding:

  • News of the week
  • Stock of the week
  • Review of the week
  • Online Trading academy.

This is an amazingly useful series of video recordings made chief analyst of Gulf Brokers Syam KP. 

Videos from Gulf Brokers

It is a perfect idea from a trading point of view. He does video reviews of the world’s biggest companies and advises traders on where and what might be profitable. No one else in the trading market has an analogue of this service yet. This is another point that strengthens the credibility of this broker.

But let’s take a closer look at what the Online Trading Academy is all about. By the word Academy we should literally mean a training process. This feature has been specially made for beginner traders and is their video guide to the world of online trading. All the videos are recorded in Arabic, but with English subtitles.

Video lessons Gulf Brokers

This feature is appreciated by many newcomers and there is a lot of good feedback on it on the internet.

One more useful button on the broker’s website is Glossary. It’s essential for all traders to understand and remember the basic terminology. However, because a lot of the basic terms are acronyms it can be a confusing task.

Even experienced traders may find this glossary useful as a refresher or resource to print out and check when they don’t remember something. Please note that the glossary is not presented in alphabetical order.

Gulf Brokers glossary

Types of trading accounts

Forex and CFD Account on Gulf Brokers

This account allows you to trade all financial instruments at Gulf Brokers. Lowest deposit is $500. The minimum trading lot is 0.01, the maximum is absent. Leverage of 1:500 is the maximum permitted. Spreads vary, spreads on major pairs are 3-4 pips. There is no trading commission on this account for forex, indices and commodities. However, when trading stocks on this account, a 0.5% commission is charged.

Islamic Account

This account was developed for Muslim clients and has the same conditions as a Forex and CFD account. The main difference is that the commission for prolongation is not charged. This is in accordance with Islamic Sharia law, which prohibits the payment and receipt of interest. In addition, transactions in accounts based on Islamic finance must be carried out without delay, so currencies must be transferred from one account to another immediately, and transaction costs must also be paid at the same time.

Gulf Brokers Demo account

The broker also did not forget about beginner traders. A demo account window is immediately noticeable on the broker’s website, which will allow you to acquire serious trading skills. Registration itself is standard and very simple. You are required to enter basic data and confirm the activation link.

Trading on Demo Gulf Brokers

Demo accounts, which are free, allow traders to learn about the markets, practice their techniques, and test different strategies while risking paper (fake) money. In turn, this helps them become well-prepared when they exchange their actual funds in live market environments. Similarly, if you’re an experienced trader who is new to MT5, the demo gives you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the platform’s tools and functionality.

Gulf Brokers Trading Costs

There are several expenses that you should be aware of. First, a daily swap fee is incurred when trades are kept open overnight. On Wednesdays, the swap is tripled. The Islamic account doesn’t incur these interest expenses. However, many brokers charge portfolios with Islamic features a fixed, non-interest related amount on overnight trades.

Registration process

Although Gulfbrokers is a long-established broker, the registration process remains ingeniously simple. A simple click on the right side of your computer mouse will take you to the registration page.

Start trading with Gulf Brokers

Fill in your first and last name, e-mail, phone number, agree with Legal Documents and click ‘’Join”.

 In a moment you will receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your registration. And voila, you are a new trader at Gulfbrokers.

Bonuses and promotions of Gulf Brokers

One of the main advantages of Gulf Brokers is that they offer lucrative bonuses and a variety of promotional programs. First, they offset any user deposit (minimum $1,000) with exactly the same amount of trading capital. For example, if you deposit $5,000 into your Gulf Brokers account, they will give you another $5,000 to trade with. The maximum bonus per person is $100,000, which is incredibly large and generous.

Deposit methods and charges

You can make deposits and transfer funds directly from your bank account. Furthermore, Gulf Brokers is accepting deposits via debit and credit cards. However, if for any reason the transfer fails (e.g. the trader has insufficient funds or an inactive debit/credit card), Gulf Brokers may charge a refund fee of $200. Other than that, there is no mention of transaction costs. In any case, almost all brokers in the market do not charge users for funding the account, but the account holder’s bank may do so.

Withdrawal methods and costs

To request a withdrawal, traders have the option of making a withdrawal via their account portal or by sending an email to Gulf Brokers customer service. However, keep in mind that you can only withdraw funds using the method you used to deposit them. For example, if funds have been deposited via Visa or MasterCard, they can only be withdrawn to the same debit or credit card. As for profits, you can transfer them from your Gulf Brokers account to your bank account.

Payment methods Gulf Brokers

Generally speaking, all withdrawals are processed within 24 hours or less. At times, the broker may ask for additional information, such as when a trader fills out the transfer form the wrong way or forgets to upload certain documents. Needless to say, withdrawals may take a longer time to process when this happens.

Help desk

Customers can obtain responses to their questions, comments and comments regarding Gulf Brokers services in the support service 24 hours a day on weekdays. They can be contacted by phone, e-mail or through the “contact us” form on the broker’s website. Unfortunately, live chat option is not available on the broker’s website.

The customer support service is multilingual. Instagram Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are also represented by Gulf Brokers.

Help desk of Gulf Brokers

By the way, more about social media from here on out. FX Junction is fantastically useful social network, which was designed exactly and exclusively for traders. This platform gives possibility to socialize and find collaborators from all around the world. In case you will create an account in FX Junction through Gulfbrokers site, you will get a lot of generous bonuses.

Register on Gulf Brokers website

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When we look at Gulf Brokers opportunities, their bonus stands out as one of the company’s most lucrative and powerful offers, especially because an individual trader can receive up to $100,000. Not only does this broker provide account holders with such a generous bonus programme, but it also pays commissions for referrals.

Similarly, Gulf Brokers currency selection of 60 currency pairs can only be matched by a handful of other companies in the industry. Although they offer one type of account, traders have the option of opening an Islamic portfolio without swaps. Perhaps most notably, this broker’s educational courses are particularly useful for beginners. Traders can also use MyGulfBrokers’ online platform to manage their portfolio.

800+ financial CFD instruments24/5 customer support.No fees on deposits and withdrawals.Up to 1:500 leverage available.Generous bonuses and referral programsWorld award winnerGood collection of educational materialSome countries cannot trade on the platformNo live chat.

At the end of our objective review, we share with you valuable information on how to choose a reliable broker. 

It is important to identify a few key criteria: 

  1. reliability – includes the existence of a market participant’s license, experience of trading on the exchange, rating and feedback from peers and clients. It is helpful to examine the history of the brokerage company for past financial scandals, litigation, disruptions in operation.
  2. orientation according to the instruments used. Depending on your choice of market, choose a broker that is the leader in that category. It is always better to know in advance what can cause you to lose money in trading.
  3. Taking into account your financial capacity. Different brokers work with different deposits, often offering discounts.  For beginners, we recommend opening a minimum deposit, which will reduce the risks and give a feel for the game.
  4. Information support and customer relations are an important part of cooperation. Here you should consider the quantity and quality of the information provided, the comfort from live communication, the completeness of the answers to your questions. Pay attention to analytical support and assistance in trading.
  5.  Commission payments. A broker can be paid either as a fixed fee for a certain period of time or as a percentage of the transaction amount. The amount of commission in this case varies from 0.01 to 0. 3%.

We hope that in our review we have described all the functions and features of Gulfbrokers. Even if you are new to the world of trading, this review will help you make the right choice.

Our rating of Gulf Brokers



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