Stock markets in Asia strengthened at the start of the last week of January

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Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, and Shanghai all report the start of the last week of January on a wave of optimism. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index firmed the most, adding nearly 2.5 percent. Tokyo’s Nikkei, by contrast, added 0.67 percent.

Shares in Hong Kong rose 2.4 percent as they saw a massive surge in interest from mainland Chinese investors. The Hang Seng index rose as high as 30,159 points. Technology titles were the drag, firming 4.5 percent. Tencent shares saw the biggest rise in value, adding nearly 11 percent in Monday trading.

Similarly strong growth occurred on the Seoul stock exchange, whose main KOSPI index added 2.18 percent, several times higher than Friday’s decline. Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix were among the most strengthening titles on the Seoul Stock Exchange, firming 3 and 5.1 percent, respectively. In Seoul, there was still enthusiasm for US President Joe Biden’s announced plan to push through a massive package to boost the economy.

Shares in Shanghai and Tokyo also rose. Shanghai’s CSI300 index, which charts the development of so-called blue chips, rose an equal percentage point, the best performer in the consumer segment, which rose 4.7 percent. Tokyo’s Nikkei index added just 0.67 percent.


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