Rationing? American retailer Costco temporarily limited meat purchases per person

American retailer Costco limited meat purchases to 3 items per person

Meat processing plants capacities significantly dropped due to coronavirus and there’s a shortage of meat on U.S. market.

Based on a Costco’s official statement, the company set limits on meat purchases to help ensure its availability to more customers. The limits include poultry, beef and pork. More U.S. grocery stores have adapted similar measures.

According to Reuters, slaughterhouses capacities in the U.S. have dropped to its half, compared to numbers before coronavirus pandemic outbreak. At the same time, demand for meat has grown in 30-40%, as people cook more in quarantine. Yet, the demand could slightly fall due to closed restaurants.

Even though Donald Trump insisted that meat processing plants stay open to supply chains, it didn’t calm situation on the markets. The pandemic has hit a significant number of workers from meat processing sector, and these workers can’t be easily replaced.


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