Resuming flights from Europe to the US will kick-start the US economy, says its trade minister

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The United States will lift the ban on flights to and from Europe. This should be done by early November at the latest. All fully vaccinated Europeans will be able to enter American soil. An influx of tourists is expected, especially in New York.

According to US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo, President Joe Biden’s decision on Thursday will have a positive impact on the US economy. Especially in tourism, where there should be a sharp recovery. At the end of this year, New York, which will also be the destination of trade trips, can look forward to the influx of tourists.

Raimond expects the United States to be the target of a huge number of fully vaccinated people. “I think it will really help our economy, there will be a revival of tourism and the catering and accommodation sector,” she said.

It is fully vaccinated foreigners who will be able to travel to the United States again from the beginning of November. The ban on flights from 33 countries, including members of the European Union, was introduced a year and a half ago by then-US President Donald Trump. Tourism has since suffered losses of around $500 billion


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