Egypt is betting on renewable resources. They are preparing large solar projects

The installed capacity of photovoltaic power plants in Egypt is to increase by one gigawatt. The country in northern Arica wants to generate more than two-fifths of its electricity from renewable sources by the end of this decade. Today, it relies largely on steam-powered power plants.

The use of the Egyptian sun

Egypt will build new photovoltaic power plants in the coming years. Their installed capacity is to reach about one gigawatt. The total installed capacity of renewable energy sources will thus increase by approximately one-seventh of the current 6.8 gigawatts. Current capacities consist of both photovoltaic and wind or hydro power plants.

A future with renewable resources

By the end of next year, the total capacity of renewable resources will increase to exactly 10 gigawatts. Egypt plans to generate more than 40 percent of its electricity from water, wind or solar by the end of this decade. The country has moved this goal forward by five years, as it set the original target for 2035. On the contrary, Egypt will fail to meet another goal, namely to produce a fifth of electricity from renewable sources by the end of this year. Investment in new solar projects will reach around one billion dollars, Reuters reported.


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