Deutsche Bank wants to offer its clients cryptocurrency asset management

Large banks are gradually announcing their plans to enter the cryptocurrency markets. So far, they are not embarking on any major events and want to offer their clients cryptocurrency assets management on a daily basis.

Among these banks is also the name of the twenty-first largest financial institution in the world, the German Deutsche Bank. It is going to prepare an offer to its clients who trade on cryptocurrency markets. It will attract them to services related to the management of these assets on a daily basis. A degree of collateral in the event of loss will also be included.

Deutsche Bank should implement the management of cryptocurrency assets in several phases. One of them is also the possibility of trading in cryptocurrencies through cooperation with leading brokerage platforms, but also cryptocurrency publishers or well-proven cryptocurrency exchanges.

Deutsche Bank announced that it has completed a concept on the basis of which it would like to offer clients a specific product later this year. So far, it is said that it also maps the interest of its clients in this innovative service. The bank would charge fees for the management and safekeeping of cryptocurrency assets, the amount of which was not specified.


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