After a weak weekend came strong growth in cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has firmed by more than five percent

Bitcoin has firmed by more than five percent

Cryptocurrencies experienced a solid start to the new trading week. Bitcoin gained over five percent, Ethereum even more than seven percent. The market reacted to the positive sentiment of Asian investors.

Digital assets make up a significant proportion of portfolios

Currently, 52 percent of wealthy investors in Asia hold some kind of digital asset. This is according to a survey by Accenture. By the end of this year, this share could rise to 73 percent.

Digital assets account for 7% of the portfolios of the investors surveyed. This makes them the fifth most important asset for Asian investors. That’s more than they allocate to foreign currencies, commodities or collectibles. Around 3,200 investors and over 500 financial advisors or asset management firms participated in the survey.

Interest in bitcoin is growing again

Cryptocurrencies enjoyed quite a lot of investor interest at the start of the new trading week, after several days of decline or stagnation. Bitcoin traded more than five percent stronger for most of Monday, and after a very weak weekend, it has once again swung over the $31,000 mark. Ethereum has firmed by more than seven percent and has approached a price of two thousand dollars.


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