Sporobond fund – is it worth it?

As an innovative investment opportunity, we present the Sporobond Bond Fund. The fund's investment environment combines expertise with long-term returns.

The Sporobond bond fund in the Czech Republic represents an innovative investment opportunity that is attractive to both experienced investors and those looking for new capital growth opportunities. This fund was established to provide an investment environment that combines expertise with a focus on sustainable investments and long-term returns.

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The Sporobond bond fund focuses on investing in companies with growth potential and innovation in areas such as technology, green energy, healthcare and more. A key element of the fund’s investment strategy is to identify and support companies that not only deliver financial returns, but also have a positive social impact and contribute to sustainable development.

One of the main advantages of the Sporobond Equity Fund is the professional management and monitoring of investments. A team of experienced financial experts continuously assesses market trends and analyses potential opportunities to ensure optimal returns on invested capital.

The Sporobond bond fund not only serves as a means to achieve financial goals, but also contributes to the promotion of innovation and sustainable development in the Czech Republic. The fund’s transparent investment strategy and commitment to higher asset management standards make it an attractive choice for investors seeking long-term appreciation and stability.

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Sporobond – how it works

It is a bond fund of the Česká spořitelna bank founded on March 31, 1998, trading in Czech currency. The price of one share certificate is CZK 2.2711. The minimum investment is CZK 300. The entry fee is 1% and the management fee is 0.50%. This fund falls into the category of conservative funds, as the basis consists mainly of Czech government bonds. It is suitable for regular investing and with such investing you can get a discount on the entry fee.

This fund is characterised by a medium-term recommended investment period and, as 62% of the fund is made up of government bonds, it is suitable for conservative investors who do not want to invest in equities, but at the same time do not need the yield from term accounts. The recommended investment horizon is at least 3 years, but can of course be longer. Another advantage is that the investor has his funds back within a week at most. Because this fund is actively managed, it can achieve higher returns than other bond-type mutual funds.

Investment strategy

The fund’s investment strategy focuses on a portfolio composition consisting mainly of fixed coupon government bonds issued in Czech crowns or government bonds of other countries. It also invests in corporate bonds, treasury bills, bank deposits and other collective investment funds. Reverse repo operations are also used. The portfolio includes debt securities whose issuers have been assigned a minimum investment grade long-term debt rating on a scale used by Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s or Fitch Ratings. The profits of the fund are fully reinvested. The manager states that it seeks to outperform the yields of medium-term Czech government bonds.

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Government bonds have the largest representation in the portfolio, making up about 2/3 of the entire portfolio. Next are reverse repos and the third largest part of the portfolio is corporate bonds. The titles with the largest weight in the portfolio include Czech government bonds, whose issues make up the vast majority of the portfolio. According to the composition of the portfolio, the fund manager focuses mainly on the aforementioned Czech government bonds, which is in line with the fund’s investment strategy. Almost 80% of the portfolio consists of assets from the Czech Republic. On the other hand, the smallest number of assets is from the UK, which is struggling with the resolution of its withdrawal from the European Union. Therefore, these assets may be more volatile, but due to the broad diversification of the portfolio, their potential performance should not have too significant an impact on the performance of the Fund’s portfolio.

Opening a Sporobond account

The Sporobond investment product can be closed at a Česká spořitelna branch. If you have already concluded an investment services agreement, you can already use the internet banking services – you can transfer the investment amount to the account number of the selected fund (variable symbol = account number of the object from the investment services agreement). For regular investments, set up a regular investment order directly in online banking.

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Reasons to use the Sporobond mutual fund in the Czech Republic

1. Portfolio diversification: Sporobond offers investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolio by investing in a wide range of assets. This reduces the risk associated with concentrating investments in only one area.

    2. Professional management: The fund is managed by a team of experienced financial professionals who have a deep understanding of the markets and investment opportunities. This professional management can lead to better returns and optimization of the investment portfolio.

    3. The opportunity to invest in innovative and sustainable projects: Sporobond focuses on investing in companies with the potential for growth and innovation that deliver not only financial gains, but also positive social impact and sustainable development. This allows investors to support projects that are in line with their values and beliefs.

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      4. Transparent investment strategy: Sporobond has a transparent investment strategy, which gives investors a clear insight into where their money is invested and how their investments are managed.

      5. Accessibility: Mutual funds like Sporobond are typically accessible to a wide range of investors, allowing even smaller investors to enter the market and benefit from professional portfolio management and diversification.

        These factors make investing in a Sporobond mutual fund in the Czech Republic make sense for those seeking professional management of their investments and the opportunity to support innovative and sustainable projects.


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