Fondo Ahorro: consumer credit fraud

What you need to know about Fondo Ahorro

Fraudulent financial practices can be found around every corner these days. It is therefore necessary to educate oneself on how to correctly identify companies with fraudulent intentions. The main indicator that a company is only out to make money off you is the lack of a valid license. Furthermore, central banks that monitor the financial market situation help us to identify fraudulent activities. This is also the case with Fondo Ahorro, based at PH Tower Financial Center, Bella Vista, Panama, which was brought to the attention of the Czech Central Bank in December 2023.

How Fondo Ahorro operates

The company, which can no longer be traced, had a Czech contact address – Chebská 38/5, Karlovy Vary 360 06. The company’s activities were summarised by the CNB in its last warning in December. Fondo Ahorro offered “Loan for anything” via social networks. Potential clients were sent a very brief version of the loan agreement without the mandatory details, with the consumers being asked to pay before the loan was granted. However, this usually did not happen and the customers never saw their funds again.

Keep this in mind

By Fondo Ahorro’s failure to have or hold a valid license from a legitimate regulator, consumers were not protected and there was no recoupment of funds. In its warning, the CNB appealed to the Consumer Credit Act, which clearly states that a credit provider is prohibited from accepting any payment before the actual provision of consumer credit.

How to avoid fraudsters?

Fondo Ahorro is one of the few platforms that lures customers with simple solutions. It is important to thoroughly vet any lender or other financial companies. Not forgetting to read the terms and conditions and, as we mentioned in the introduction, check the validity and legitimacy of the license! You certainly won’t go wrong if you look up suspicious entities in the CNB’s warning register or dig into impartial reviews.

Here are some useful links:

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