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all you need to know about Falcon Broker

Navigating the world of finance and investment can often be challenging due to the increasing amount of fraudulent activity. A basic step that every investor, whether novice or experienced, should follow is to check the licence of the company they wish to invest in. If the platform does not have a valid license, you run the risk of losing your funds. Today we will take a closer look at Falcon Broker, which is operated by Future Finance Services LTD, which is registered under reg number HY00623016, 1257 Bonovo Rd, KM.

About Falcon Broker platform:

The company states that it provides its clients with CDI products, aka crypto-denominated instruments, which can be traded through the USDT stablecoin. These products can be approximated by calling them more like CFD instruments. They are hardly new. What will certainly catch the investor’s attention is the fact that the deposit into the platform is not possible in FIAT currencies, only in the already mentioned stablecoin USDT, which can only complicate the client’s trading.

The website is available in 6 languages, including CJ. The overall look and design is not very attractive and professional, but it does indicate how the company can be contacted: Tel: +41 225 083 121, +44 121 512 2164 and email: support@falcon.broker. Falcon Broker requires clients to complete KYC and AML verification.

Negative Falcon Broker customer experience:

Just by looking at the company’s license, Falcon Broker can be considered risky. Although it provides services in the Czech Republic and actively seeks domestic clients, it does not have a valid license from the CNB or any European authority (e.g. ESMA). It is only registered with the Financial Service Authority (FSA) under the registration number 2294 LLC 2022 and this is insufficient if it operates on the European market.

Client feedback on investment forums suggests that the company has tried to aggressively negotiate funds even from potential clients. A number of responses sought to advise the individuals concerned that they should respond to aggressive phone calls by threatening to complain to the Czech Telecommunications Authority, after which the aggression from Falcon Broker subsided.

Words in conclusion:

To ensure safe trading, we recommend avoiding this platform, as well as other unlicensed companies that may reach you through phone calls, email, or chat forums. Instead, we recommend investing on the Porto platform, where you can get help with any problems and security is guaranteed.

For more information read here:

ESMA: https://www.esma.europa.eu/investor-corner/is-the-firm-regulated;

CNB: https://jerrs.cnb.cz/apljerrsdad/JERRS.WEB07.INTRO_PAGE?p_lang=cz.


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