The US, Canada and Mexico are negotiating a deepening of free trade. They can run into the automotive industry

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For the first time in five years, representatives of the United States, Canada and Mexico sat at the negotiating table. The aim is to deepen mutual economic cooperation. But Canada and Mexico are worried about US demands in the automotive industry.

The United States is the largest trading partner of both Canada and Mexico. And among these countries, the automotive industry is at the forefront of mutual trade. That is why it can be expected that a snag may occur in the car trade. Canada and Mexico are worried about Joe Biden’s planned support for electromobility, which could lead to US vehicle manufacturers favoring over the other two countries.

Both Canada and Mexico will require the United States to become part of the electric car supply chain. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopet Obrador will also demand that the Mexican energy sector not become an excessive target for private investors, or that the Mexican government continue to play a leading role in energy. Mexico does not want to allow the promotion of electromobility to ultimately lead to rising energy prices.


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