Bitcoin has had a weekend of over $ 40,000. Is the cryptocurrency the worst out there?

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The oldest and most widespread cryptocurrency has the longest continuous growth period in the last eight years. It has remained above $ 40,000 over the weekend.

And analysts are already beginning to wonder whether the bearish mood has disappeared from the market forever. Bitcoin was last traded for more than $ 40,000 in mid-June, and only for a very short time. Otherwise, it has been falling almost continuously since the beginning of May, when the carmaker Tesla announced that it would no longer accept Bitcoin as currency.

Bitcoin reached its peak during the weekend on Sunday, August 1, before 6 am Central European Summer Time. At that time, it was trading for almost $ 42.5 thousand. He lost the rest of the day, but was still around $ 41,000.

The oldest and most widespread cryptocurrency intensified on July 26 after speculation emerged that one of the world’s largest e-shops, the American Amazon, was preparing to accept it as currency. He was also supported by Elon Musek’s statement that Tesla could return to Bitcoin because the share of renewable energy sources used for its extraction is increasing dramatically.


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