Will Amazon start receiving Bitcoin? Speculation has raised the value of the cryptocurrency above $ 39,000

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It looked like one innocent Amazon ad asking for a digital currency expert. Investors immediately began speculating that a giant online merchant was preparing to accept payments in Bitcoin.

And cryptocurrency markets began to grow rapidly on Monday. Bitcoin strengthened by more than 14 percent in 24 hours and approached the $ 40,000 mark. She eventually remained unconquered by a few hundred dollars. However, the oldest cryptocurrency reached the levels where it was last traded in mid-June.

What actually happened? Amazon has placed an ad on its website stating that it is looking for a specialist in digital currencies and blockchain technology. The candidate for the job offer will have to work closely with teams across Amazon in the job description and prepare a “timetable” for the likely launch of a system through which Amazon could begin accepting payments in cryptocurrencies.

Other cryptocurrencies also began to increase significantly. Ethereum strengthened by more than 11 percent to almost $ 2,400, with Ripple and Cardano also adding over 11 percent. Stellar strengthened by less than eight percent.


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