The markets in Asia were in a bad mood after the change in the Fed’s policy outlook

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Asian stocks started a new trading week in negative territory. Shares in all major markets weakened on Monday. Most on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Shanghai, Hong Kong and Seoul lost only slightly.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange recorded the worst daily result since the end of February this year. The main Nikkei index lost 3.29 percent in a single day. During the day, it even touched the lowest level in the last month.

The bad mood was marked by reverberations of reports of an unexpected change in the outlook for the monetary policy of the US central bank. She announced that she would start tightening it in 2023 instead of the original year 2024. Chip manufacturers or chemical companies weakened the most.

The stock index in Hong Kong and Seoul also lost less than one percent. The influence of the American Fed also manifested itself here. In Seoul, technology companies led by Samsung Electronics in particular weakened.

Hong Kong also weakened due to technology stocks, but also due to companies in the financial sector. The smallest loss was suffered by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, whose aggregate index depreciated by only 0.2 percent. Financial and energy companies in particular fell.


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