The Hong Kong Stock Exchange is looking to list Chinese companies traded in New York

The influx of Chinese companies on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange could also be fueled by growing tensions between China and the United States in trade as well as political relations. In addition, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange reported an increase in its profit in the first half of this year, which may make this important stock market even more attractive.

Other Chinese companies could follow in the footsteps of Alibaba, which completed its secondary listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange last year. According to Reuters, companies like Ctrip or Baidu are now considering something similar. The Hong Kong Stock Exchange hopes to attract more Chinese companies, which are currently also traded on other major world stock exchanges, especially in New York.

Interest in Hong Kong could grow among them, mainly due to growing tensions between the United States and China. This used to be mainly about business relations, but in recent months this pressure has also intensified in the field of investment. Just a few days ago, for example, Donald Trump gave the Chinese company ByteDance a 90-day deadline to sell the part of the TikTok platform that has business activities in the USA. “We believe that the trend of growing interest of Chinese companies in secondary listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange will continue,” said Laura Cha, head of the Hong
Kong Stock Exchange.


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