There’s growing numbers of Britons willing to accept any kind of job

As the effect of state aid to economy lowers, there’s growing tensions on the British labor market. In July, large numbers of people were willing to accept job vacancy not matching their qualification.


While in the beginning of June, there was 23% of workforce in the UK willing to accept almost any kind of job, the number currently amounts almost 30%. The majority of people willing to accept any job come from sectors most hit by coronavirus pandemic, or rather anti-pandemic measures imposed by the government. It concerns mostly manufacturing industry, restaurants and hospitality, tourism and leisure activities. 

The situation will be getting even worse and the competition in the UK labor market will intensify. The situation will worsen once governmental support programs for sustaining employment are over. Up to one third of British companies consider cutting numbers of their employees within upcoming thee months. The main reason for such a decision is lack of liquidity, when businesses aren’t able to afford as many employees as they did before the outbreak. 

Last but not least, British and EU negotiators called a pause in their talks on future relations once the transition process is over, and the UK finally leaves the European Union. And it represents a negative signal for UK economy. 


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