MEPs discuss which energy resources are entitled to profit from recovery funds

Leaders of the EU can‘t agree on what energy resources should be supported from money allocated to reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. There’s chances that natural gas projects could benefit from the financial means.


The European Commission plans to earmark €40 billion from its economic recovery funds to support energy projects, which could decrease carbon intensity of European economy. Yet, companies using fossil fuels, should not be entitled to use such money. Last week, member countries extended the group by nuclear power production. 

However, a group of MEPs announced on Monday that the Commission should ease rules on natural gas projects in case nuclear energy projects can‘t draw money from these funds. Financial means allocated on these projects should be released as compensation for the nuclear projects. 

The proposal has been passed through competent committee of the European Parliament. A definite decision – whether natural gas projects can profit from green projects money – will only be known in September, when the European Parliament will vote on plenary sessions. Until September, the European Commission and the European Council will have to discuss the proposal with representatives of each member countries of the EU.


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