United States Government Sees North Korean Freeze of Nuclear Program as Beginning, Not End

After an impromptu meeting between the leaders of the United States and North Korea occurred this June, both countries have agreed to resume dialogue regarding denuclearization after a halt following the failed summit in February. Expecting a future meeting in July, the United States government has issued a statement challenging a New York Times Report that stated that the new goal of the Trump administration was to achieve a freeze in the North Korean nuclear arsenal, finally acknowledging the Asian country as a “nuclear state”.

The statement released by the American government labeled the freeze as a definite step towards their goal, which they considered to be the unilateral eradication of North Korea’s nuclear program. A potential freeze might be discussed in the upcoming talks, yet an obstacle for both administration remains: there has yet to be established a mutually-agreed definition of denuclearization by both parties; North Korea might still push for an elimination of the U.S. nuclear protection umbrella in South Korea and Japan as a non-negotiable condition.


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