How the Los Angeles-based company Urban Necessities built its way up to global success

Urban Necessities, a sneaker store in Los Angeles, is a consignment and resale company founded by Jaysse Lopez in September 2014.

The pathway to success of Urban Necessities, the LA-based sneaker empire, was paved with passion and perseverance. Established and founded in 2014 by Jaysse Lopez, the store has evolved from humble beginnings to becoming a global phenomenon selling 100% authentic products. Featuring iconic brands like Nike and Yeezy, Urban Necessities isn’t just a store—it’s a lifestyle hub.

With the help of collaborations

Urban Necessities, a sneaker store in Los Angeles, is a consignment and resale company founded by Jaysse Lopez in September 2014. The primary focus of Urban Necessities is to sell rare sneakers and streetwear. The retail store offers brands that range from Nike and Adidas to Air Jordan, Balenciaga and Yeezy. Nonetheless, the shoe store also partnered with a variety of other brands on its Urban Necessities merch, including the SRGN (Surgeon Academy) or F1 (Formula One), which helped showcase a variation of streetwear merch such as t-shirts, hoodies, shorts, sweatpants and stylish button-up shirts.

Throughout the years the company moved from a much smaller space to the current headquarters inside The Forum Shops at Ceasars Palace with its address at 3500 S. Las Vegas Blvd, Suite L-13, Las Vegas NV 89109. From its humble beginning when Urban Necessities first started in Las Vegas domestic market, the company now processes and ships orders worldwide to more than 240 countries through its online shop. Additionally, if a customer is interested in selling their already worn shoes, they will be directed on the company’s website to contact Urban Necessities on For all other requests and other means of communication, customers can reach the staff at

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The founder’s unwavering determination through hard times

The road to success has not been a smooth one for the Puerto Rican entrepreneur. Still without a company, dealing with medical problems and personal issues, Jaysee Lopez began to develop his business with so called low-ball offers, with which he stayed afloat only for a few months. However, money gained from these sales quickly dried up and Lopez found himself with no housing of his own and was forced to stay on his friends’ couch. On the brighter side, a small trade show in Vegas in the summer of 2014 changed everything.

After learning the basics of reselling shoes and waiting for rare releases in long queues in front of different stores, Lopez managed to convince the customers he had worked with during the past year to allow him sell their shoes at a fee of only $20 per pair – no matter the total sell price. Through his networking, he collected 684 pairs to bring to the Vegas trade show, selling 450 of them in a single day. In that moment, Jaysse Lopez realized he would be able to have the opportunity of opening his own store.

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A successful store from the early beginning

The official opening of the store dates back to 17th September 2014, with the name Urban Necessities being derived from its similarity to the United Nations and the concept of the unity formed by all ways of life. The vacant spot in the Boulevard Mall which was empty for more than five years was suddenly filled with shoes on display. With the store being properly set up, Lopez also found its way back to his now-wife, Joanie Barangan, who later became co-owner of the store.

The initial rollout of the business in the Boulevard reached a staggering peak of $1 million in sales, while Lopez’ own paycheck brought him only about $80 while he was in business for eight months. Urban Necessities later relocated to a larger store in the Fashion Shows Mall on the Vegas Strip a stayed there for the next three years.

A new store with almost a whimsical essence

The next location the store moved to was even more spectacular than the previous one. With gleaming marble floors and sleek white lights, the mall now displays more than 4,000 pairs of rare shoes that only enhance the overall experience of visiting the store.

In addition to the shoes and merchandise, the two-story flagship store also features a barber shop, a tattoo parlor and an ice cream shop as well. According to the founder, the variety of value propositions provided by the store should work as an incentive for customers to return for more shopping or even travel across the country to get to the store. Which is an aspect that according to him is easily forgotten by many retailers.  

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Urban Necessities as a global phenomenon

Urban Necessities is now considered one of the best shoe retailers in America, sometimes regarded as the best on the planet. Under difficult circumstances and with no savings in his account, Jaysse Lopez has managed to build an empire that now has a net worth valued of a striking $21 million. The key to its success is its zero toleration for counterfeit goods, in part because the company has its own in-house authentication specialists who carefully inspect every product offered up for sale. Furthermore, the owner proudly claims to have the lowest consignment rate in the country.

The brand of Urban Necessities has also recently expanded into the Middle East with their store opening in Riyadh on January 9, 2024. Now the customers visiting Boulevard Riyadh City have the opportunity to “Never miss out (UN store motto)” on rare shoe finds.

Lopez’s story now serves as a testimony to all new aspiring entrepreneurs coming from a daunting background. With the founder becoming almost a motivational figure, Urban Necessities has greatly contributed a significant essence and influence to the entire sneaker culture.

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