Germany prepares crisis scenario in case gas pipeline taps from Russia close

German flag

The German government is quietly preparing for an option where it would be abruptly cut off from Russian natural gas supplies. In particular, the German automotive industry, steel and plastic production depend on this commodity.

Energy crisis

Preparations for the eventuality of the sudden cessation of natural gas supplies from Russia are in charge of the Federal Ministry of Economy under the leadership of Robert Habeck (Greens). Referring to well-informed sources, Reuters reported.

There are several variants to consider how to deal with a possible energy crisis. According to Reuters, the Federal Cabinet is considering, in such a case, for example, taking control of the refinery at Schwedt, now operated by Russia’s Rosneft, a massive boost for Germany energy firms, or even acquiring a state equity stake in them.

Germany could do without Russian gas by 2024

Germany covers about 55 percent of its total imports of this commodity with Russian gas. In recent weeks, German politicians have come under fire from criticism when they were reluctant to decide to forgo Russian gas supplies. Newly Germany estimates it could do without Russian gas by mid-2024.


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