France wants to relieve households and stack energy prices

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The French government is clearly fed up with the constant health of natural gas electricity for households. It therefore intends to reach for a rather radical step, which is to cover prices.

Electricity health, which is planned for February, is unlikely to happen in France. He will want to prevent this from happening by the French cabinet under Jean Castex. “We will introduce something like price shields for natural gas and electric power. They will be shields against those planned price rises,” Castex said on broadcast television TF1.

France’s energy regulator announced Monday that natural gas prices for households will rise 12.6 percent from October 1. Jean Castex, however, conceded that this would be the last recovery that government departments would concede. Prices, he says, should remain immutable until energy commodities start to cheapen. And that should happen in March or April.

Prime Minister Castex also admitted that the government was prepared to take further action if the planned ones did not work sufficiently. According to him, it is important that households suffer as little as possible from the current health of energy commodities.


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