Euro benefits from the US-China trade war

The European currency reached its peak against American dollar in last eleven days

The decreasing value of dollar was impacted by the expected end of the US-China trade war.

The value of Euro slightly increased against Dollar on Monday, when the exchange rate approached the exchange level of $1,11 for €1. Paradoxically, the value of Dollar declined due to growing expectations of possible end to the US-China trade war. The two economic giants built the trade barriers between one another during last year and a half.

Even though Euro Zone isn’t part of the trade war, its economy is affected by the disputes. The impacts are most obvious in manufacturing industry and engineering. The expected end of trade was would therefore be beneficial to its economy.

Investors prove their trust in Euro Zone economy by shifting their investments to European assets. The net assets inflow reached $3 million in last two weeks, which is the highest since last May.


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