Asian stocks strengthen, Hong Kong appeared in its 4 month maximum

Stocks traded on Southeast Asia stock exchange are most successful in current business week

Hong Kong Hang Seng Index grew to its highest value in last 4 months.

Malaysia and Thailand led present stock exchange growth in Southeast Asia. The strengthening market is mainly caused by lasting enthusiasm from reaching first phase of the US-China trade deals. The optimism keeps spreading throughout whole Asia. Telecommunications titles strengthened mostly in Thailand shares, while markets in Malaysia were boosted especially by health sector and industry.

Hong Kong stocks also grew. Local Hang Seng stock index appeared in its highest value since July. Growth was evident mainly in financial and telecommunications sector. Investors seem to have taken advantages of tension relief while the Hong Kong unrest lasts more than 6 months.

According to current estimates by British Bank of England investors withdrew investment in the value of around $5 billion. Yet, Hong Kong Central Bank claims it does not necessarily mean that capital really did get abroad.


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