A Canadian company is building a factory in Brandenburg to process lithium. Will supply Tesla


Rock Tech Lithium has plans to build a factory to produce lithium hydroxide near the German metropolis of Berlin. Fabrika for more than half a billion dollars is expected to begin operations in 2024.

The factory, which will process lithium for further battery production for electric cars, will grow up in the town of Guben. That lies about 90 minutes by car from where US automaker Tesla is building its gigafactory. In an interview with Reuters, Brandenburg Economy Minister Jörg Steinbach announced it. He stated that the Brandenburg government had agreed on this with Canadian company Rock Tech Lithium.

The investment is projected to reach about $544 million and annual production of lithium hydroxide climbs up to 24 thousand tons. This is to be sufficient to produce around half a million lithium-ion batteries for electric cars. “Brandenburg will have a whole chain of electric car production, from mineral processing to electric car battery production to recycling them,” Steinbach said. The operation of the lithium hydroxide processing plant should begin within three years.



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