Trump discourages Johnson from 5G network provided by Huawei

Britain nears decision on country’s future 5G network

Tech giant Huawei is still one of the options.

American president Donald Trump discussed the security of telecommunications networks with British Prime minister Boris Johnson last week. The UK is shortly approaching decision on provider of country’s future 5G network. According to the White House, the statesmen discussed more topics.

“They discussed important regional and bilateral issues, including cooperation to ensure security of telecommunications networks,” American part stated. “British Prime Minister talked to president Trump and they discussed range of issues, ensuring security of telecommunications networks,” Johnson’s spokesman confirmed.

The US administration already told allies not to cooperate with Chinese tech giant Huawei on forming 5G networks. The US treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, discussed the issue in talks with the chancellor, Sajid Javid. Britain should decide on the provider in the end of January.


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