Stocks in China, Hong Kong and Japan came under selling pressure on Monday

China, chinese flag

Asia’s main stock markets were losing during Monday’s trading. Energy titles or shares of trucking companies weakened the most. In Hong Kong, shares of tech firms were also losing.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange’s main stock index weakened by 1.1 percent on Monday, the CSI300 index comprising the most prominent companies then lost 1.7 percent. Shares of trucking companies deserved the biggest slump as some weakened by as much as 10 per cent. Shares of raw materials firms also headed down. Nor has the stock exchange been helped by positive expectations of data on China’s economy developments in the first quarter this year.

Hong Kong stocks also came under selling pressure, with the main Hang Seng index writing down 0.86 percent. An index involving Chinese companies lost just under a percent. The technology segment even fell 1.6 and the segment comprising firms from the consumer sector by 2 percent.

The slump also came to the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The Nikkei index weakened 0.77 percent as technology companies from the manufacturing industry, headed by Yaskawa Electric, recorded the biggest losses. Shares of this robot maker have weakened by more than seven per cent.


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