Number of applications for US unemployment benefits unexpectedly increased


It has been debated for some time that the US economy has lost the dracht that helped it overcome its worst crisis since the end of the war.Now the labour market figures have confirmed this. The number of Americans applying for jobs has increased more than expected in the past week.

The number of new applications for unemployment benefits reached 965,000 in the United States in the week ending January 9. Reuters reported, referring to the U.S. Department of Labor. But the consensus reached by analysts was just under 800,000. A week earlier, only 784,000 people had claiming unemployment benefits in the US.

According to analysts, the increase is also largely due to a $300 increase in benefits, which is expected to last until mid-March this year. Yet this is a signal that america’s labor market is not as fit as it was a month ago, for example, and that its economy is far from the worst out there in terms of the consequences of a coronavirus pandemic.

In many US states, under the pressure of worsening epidemic numbers, various establishments, including restaurants and accommodation services, had to be closed. But the crisis is also affecting downstream industries such as transport and construction.


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