Green hydrogen is to bring $20 billion in investment to Chile

Chile’s green hydrogen strategy has three main pillars: making the cheapest green hydrogen by 2030, becoming one of its three largest exporters by 2040, and developing a 5 GW electrolyser by 2025. Green hydrogen will create 100,000 new jobs in Chile. The strategy was presented by the government at the Chile 2020 conference: The Green Hydrogen Summit, held on Nov.

Green hydrogen will become one of the main pillars of the country’s economy in the coming years, reflecting Chile’s huge renewable energy production potential. Czech energy group SOLEK, which focuses on solar power, also invests in those in the country.

As President Piñera has said, Chile’s green hydrogen will allow clean energy to be exported to a world that is moving towards decarbonization. A number of studies, including research by the International Energy Agency and McKinsey & Company, show that Chile can produce the most competitive green hydrogen in the world.

The strategy foresees the release of $50 million for green hydrogen projects. Money will help investors bridge initial problems and gain experience. A working group will also be set up to support the development of pilot projects in the field of green hydrogen and its derivatives (ammonia, methanol and synthetic substances). The government’s strategy includes responsible water use, green hydrogen will also be taken into account in spatial planning and policy strategy.


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