Cryptocurrency to be regulated by state from 2020

Digital currency or cryptocurrency have existed for 10 years already

Until now, there have been no regulations. Yet, according to experts the situation should change during the upcoming year.

The shift can be seen in last two years. Some countries begin to think of how to control the cryptocurrency. There are countries such as Switzerland, Japan, Lithuania, Malta or Mexico. There a licence is necessary to operate with the cryptocurrency. Among the conditions to obtain a licence, applicant has to assure the stock exchange will not be misused for money laundering.

On the other hand, for example China of Japan approached the cryptocurrency regulation as an opportunity to make the financial market more attractive. In any case experts expect mass extension of cryptocurrency trade regulations in the upcoming year. They see it as a certainty. Yet, countries are still expected to approach the regulations differently. Some may view them as a restriction tool. Others as an opportunity to cultivate the environment.


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