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Zetano review: Being a trader is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. A trader is a person who is willing to analyze huge amounts of data, keep track of the information agenda and also understands economics. Most stock market participants are involved in investing, which is a slow, deliberate process that has little to do with trading.

Among the large mass of new trading platforms and brokers, it is very difficult to navigate. At first glance, it is difficult to understand whether a given broker is reliable or not. In our review today, we will take a look at a relatively new broker Zetano and try to make an independent analysis of its activity. We will explore all the trading options that this broker offers and at the same time try to uncover possible pitfalls that users may encounter.  We will also assess Zetano’s level of reliability.

Zetano web

Zetano – Basic information

Broker status:Regulated broker
Owned:Wonderinterest Trading Ltd
Country of residence:Cyprus
Year of foundation:2016
Asset types:S
CFD commodities:gold, grain, sugar
CFD indices:NASDAQ, FTSE100, DAX30
CFD shares:Amazon, Alphabet A, Bank of America

Regulation of Zetano broker

Zetano is a brand of Wonderinterest Trading Ltd, a company registered in Cyprus. The owner has been active since 2016, when it obtained CySEC license number 307/16. This license covers two brands – Zetano and Investago.

The CySEC licence means that the firm must have a working capital of EUR 730 000 at any one time. In addition, it must participate in the ICF compensation fund with an amount of EUR 20 000 per customer. All in all, your funds are safe as long as you reside in the EEA zone.

Zetano regulation

Zetano Trading Platform

Successful stock market transactions require not only the right selection of financial instruments, but also preparation for the technical side of the process. Investors and traders need to be able to quickly and easily find the asset they want, get information about it and execute transactions without unnecessary clicking.

It is also important to be able to easily monitor your own investment portfolio. Information must be easy to read and understand. Brokers offer all the above services in different forms. However, there are special trading platforms for active traders and investors.

The fact that Zetano has its own developed trading platform – the XOH Trader platform – is very professional. You can download it from Google Play or the App Store.

Offer of languages

Very easy to use, no extra buttons, convenient chart layout on the screen.

Another advantage of the Zetano broker’s platform is its multilingualism, it is adapted to more than 20 languages. This is really convenient because Zetano is available in many countries and traders don’t have to use online translators, which are not always reliable.

Zetano languages

Zetano mobile app

The convenience and freedom from being tied to a specific location makes mobile trading very popular among traders. The platform is also accessible from mobile devices. Both Android and iOS users have their links on the broker’s website as well. After downloading it, you will find that the platform includes the same features as the desktop version.

Some tips for mobile trading:

  • Operating system used. Currently, the most popular operating systems are Android and iOS, it is for them that developers are creating platforms, so it is necessary to choose smartphones with these operating systems if you want to engage in phone trading.
  • Screen size. This is an important criterion in terms of technical analysis and ease of displaying the necessary information.
Zetano mobile app

Registration process

In the top right corner you can log in or register. Click on “Register” and a small digital form will load. You need to fill in your first name, last name and email twice. Enter your phone number, check the agree to their terms and click “Submit”. It’s really nothing complicated and it’s completely impossible for you to make a mistake when registering.

Zetano registration

Contact details are listed next to the registration field. In case you need to check something with the support team before registering, you don’t need to go to another page and search for contacts. Realistically a small but very useful and impressive feature. You will receive two emails immediately. The first will be a sort of registration confirmation with your login details. The second email is an activation email. The whole registration takes a few minutes. Everything is fast and functional, straightforward and hassle-free.

However, you will still need to undergo identity verification after registering your trading account. Please see the “Documents” section for details on which documents you can submit to verify your identity.

Types of accounts

The broker has 4 trading accounts and 3 of them give the opportunity to become a VIP client, they differ only in amount.

Zetano accounts

The higher the amount, the better the terms and conditions that a trading account offers. On the positive side, we appreciate the fact that each type of account is free. There are no account fees. This is quite interesting for us, as some brokers charge fees for higher account types, such as the Diamond account.

However, if your account is inactive for 1 month or more, you will have to pay EUR 100 for inactive trading.

Demo account Zetano

Using a demo account means you don’t have to worry about losing money, you can learn and gain skills before you start trading for real. It’s a good learning tool for beginners. In other words, demo accounts are an invaluable tool for new traders. On Zetano’s main page you have a small mention of their demo account. You can sign up for free and learn at no risk.

But the demo account option is not so easy to find on the Zetano site. Here’s a quick navigation: the main page – scroll almost to the footer – the “need help signing up” sign – and finally the demo account option.

A very good idea that the demo account offers is the “hide button”, because this way when the trader captures this button, he checks the whole page and finds a lot of useful information. The broker can only be praised for good marketing in this case.

The Zetano demo account will be enabled for the first 30 days. After this period, clients will have to open a real account.

VIP service Zetano

Another friendly service of Zetano is the possibility to become a VIP client. You can become a VIP client right after the first registration.

The VIP program is a unique offering for Zetano customers that addresses four basic needs of sophisticated investors: it provides competitive financial terms, personal attention from experienced advisors, access to expert knowledge and participation in special VIP events.

What do you get with the Zetano VIP program?

Individual professional support

As part of the VIP program, you will receive contact details for an individual advisor – a licensed broker who will support you in your daily investment decisions. In addition, the broker will invite you to a series of individual training sessions covering all your financial investment-related topics.

Current market knowledge

Clients who participate in the VIP program have full access to Zetano’s professional knowledge of the CFD markets. Zetano offers: daily webinars with an overview of the financial markets, quick access to market news and full access to individual support 24/5.

Financial benefits

Participation in the VIP program allows you to receive real financial benefits. You can individually negotiate trading conditions, e.g. required leverage and spreads. You will also receive an attractive interest rate on your available funds in Zetano accounts.

Zetano instruments offer

This broker offers a relatively modest range of trading instruments, which can be said to be narrowly profiled – only CFD products, namely CFDs on stocks, CFDs on Forex, CFDs on commodities and CFDs on indices.  If you are a fan of crypto or futures, this broker will not be interesting and profitable for you.

However, let’s recall what CFD is in general. CFD stands for “Contracts for Difference”.

A CFD is a popular type of derivative financial instrument or derivative that is used to trade on an exchange. Derivatives are time-limited contracts that are a “derivative” of the underlying asset and are fully matched to its real-time value.

The main characteristics of CFDs are:

  • is a derivative financial instrument, i.e. you do not own the underlying asset;
  • it is an agreement between the client and the intermediary;
  • tracks the change in the price of the asset;
  • a contract is usually concluded for a short period of time.
Zetano CFD

We realize that our review will be read not only by experienced traders, but also by newcomers to the trading market. Therefore, it is our duty to describe each product of Zetano broker in more detail.

Let’s start with CFD Forex – it is a leveraged financial instrument that allows you to trade the price movements of the following instruments: indices, commodities, stocks and bonds, their derivatives or valuations.

Another point is CFD commodities. CFDs allow investors to trade the direction of commodities in the short term. This is one of the main reasons why they are popular among retail investors.

A very interesting area or invention in the trading market is CFD shares. Trading CFDs on shares allows customers to gain exposure to the price movements of different shares without owning the underlying asset. By definition, CFDs are contracts between two parties (i.e. the provider and you) to pay the difference between the entry and exit price. It is classified as a financial derivative instrument because its price is derived from the price of the underlying asset.

Another trading option of Zetano broker is the index CFD. Index CFDs provide a fast and convenient way to trade the overall stock market. They are a popular alternative to buying individual stocks.

Using CFDs, a trader can trade stock indices without owning the stocks in the index.

But for those traders who specialize in the CFD area, it will be good to have an account and make some trades from time to time. The leverage starts from 1:5 and spreads usually start from 0.01. There are traders who specialize just in CFDs, so the Zetano broker really deserves their attention.

Overview of fees

Trading fees may be associated with different types of investments, including stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds or options. These fees can vary widely depending on the type of product traded and the broker. Some brokers may offer discounted trading fees if you trade large volumes of shares.

Charges – Zetano

Broker Zetano made a pleasant impression on us in terms of his fees. On the homepage, for example, you won’t find a list of fees in the table. You will find all the information about the fees very helpfully written in the “Documents” section. Brokerage fees may vary and change, and there may be additional fees that are not listed in this review. Zetano does not charge fees for deposits or withdrawals and this is a huge advantage as many brokers charge high % for these services. All fees for third party payments and transfers are held by the client and the company deducts the appropriate amount from the account.

Minimum deposit and withdrawal

As for the minimum deposit, we were quite surprised. In the Payment Methods section, it states that customers need at least $250 to start trading. On the other hand, that’s not that high an amount.

As for withdrawals, the minimum amount is $0. Withdrawals must be made using the same payment method used to deposit the funds.

Payment methods – Zetano

When it comes to payment methods, Zetano broker sticks to the classics. Payment by card or bank transfer is available on the website. Although many brokers provide the option to use electronic wallets, Zetano broker does not have such an option. However, this is understandable. The broker specializes only in SFD and it is much safer to have a limited payment system option. Thus, there are no problems with withdrawing and receiving money as in the case of electronic wallets.

Zetano Payment

About leverage and spreads

Leverage is up to 1:100. However, the standard leverage is 1:30 according to CySEC standards for retail traders. If an investor is experienced and can demonstrate his level of expertise, he can get up to 1:100.

Zetano website

The broker’s website is its business card. And website design is not an area in which a broker should try to save money on marketing.  The website is available in English with the option of translation into Czech, Slovak, Greek and Slovenian. This means fairly solid language support, but there is still room for other languages such as Spanish or Italian.

The website is yellow and white and very easy to use. There’s not too much of anything, the text doesn’t clump together, which makes it easier to read and understand. At the top you will find the main page where you can select exactly what you need to know first:

  • Products
  • Trading
  • Academy
  • News

No pop-ups. Regulatory authority and license information can be easily found on the website. The website also provides a list of organisations that ensure the security of client funds. This means that this information is open and there is no need to ask for it.

Each option links to other options for you to make the right decision. In the “Trading” section you can find documents, company information and payment options. In the “Academy” you will find videos, tutorials, webinars and articles for everyone. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a professional.

In addition, you will find a glossary of the most common business terms in the “Academy” section. Very useful for newcomers, right?

Zetano Margin call

In the Blog section you will find interesting articles from the world of trading and current news. This broker has all the prerequisites for further development and it can be assumed that the information on the site will increase over time.

Technical support

As we mentioned above, the broker has a technical support function. Interaction with brokers is often accompanied by some difficulties. In case of questions, the user can contact the technical support of the brokerage company in several ways. Broker Zetano accepts requests for technical support service:

  • Via e-mail (address – support@zetano.com );
  • By phone

In addition, answers to the most common questions can be found on the broker’s website in the “FAQ” section divided by topic.

Support operators communicate in several languages, which is very encouraging. Multilingual support and interaction with customers is an important part of any broker’s success as it opens up cooperation with a large number of clients. Not all traders and investors speak English or German, for example, and many questions require knowledge of specific words and expressions. For this reason, most brokers try to provide multilingual support and Zetano broker shows great interest in the convenience of customers.

We tested the helpdesk service by emailing a specific problem during registration. We received an informative and professional response within 30 minutes. The support therefore works without any problems.

Comparison of the offer with competitors

Demo accountYESYESYES

Social networks Zetano

In the age of Instagram and Facebook, it is very difficult to trust a broker who does not have a social media account. This too is marketing and therefore requires a special approach to clients. Zetano is very active on social media. He publishes both educational posts and posts focused on current events in the world. The graphics are very eye-catching and match the website. You can find Zetano on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and even Twitter.

Zetano – Advantages and disadvantages of the broker

Overall, Zetano is rated positively. We like their website and educational support.  Their graphics and short and punchy text are also worth highlighting.  All the clicks worked well and we found almost all the information intuitively. They offer 4 account types and also a demo account.  Their platform is called xStation and should work well. They also have quite a lot of positive feedback online, especially on Trustpilot, which is Pioneer when it comes to feedback.  Zetano offers active social media accounts and information there is updated almost daily.


Let’s take a look at the list of benefits that Zetano broker offers:

  • active licence
  • 4 account types
  • demo account
  • support service
  • secure payment systems
  • multilingualism of the site
  • active social media accounts
  • developed trading platform


Only he who does nothing has no faults. Broker Zetano is active and we have found a few places where the broker should pay more attention:

  • small choice of payment systems
  • demo account is only active for 30 days
  • payment of 100 euros in case of inactivity of the trading account.

Read about a competitive broker here.

How to choose the right broker?

To conclude our review, we would like to give you some tips on how to protect yourself from a fake broker.

1. Check your broker’s regulatory information

The first, most reliable and most important thing to focus on is regulation. A regulated broker is registered and regulated by an international or regional regulatory body. There is no single regulatory body for all forex trades worldwide. Instead, governments and regional groups band together in these bodies to protect the interests of traders.

2. Database and quality control of the regulatory authority’s website

Another indicator of suspicious behaviour is dodgy websites. No illegal broker can afford a quality site with all the necessary information. The site should also have quality, well-written and reasonably long articles. They should also have other content articles, not just a landing page. A legitimate broker has their address and contact information listed on their website. It is not common for these details to be missing.

3. Broker guarantees high immediate returns

The first sign of a scam is when a broker guarantees you immediate high returns. Trading is not getting rich quick, even for professionals. No broker in the world can ever guarantee you such returns.

4. Broker does not respond to inquiries

Never excuse a poor response to enquiries with slow customer service, it is often a sign of a fraudulent broker. Any authentic broker always has a responsive customer service team. Many of them often go the extra mile and use robots with artificial intelligence to respond to queries as quickly as possible. They also have an efficient hotline.

Scammers don’t want to invest in customer service because many of them disappear within days or try to keep their illegal activities as secret as possible. They don’t need people asking them questions.

5. Read client reviews

As with other companies, one of the best ways to judge quality is to look at customer reviews. However, don’t rely on the reviews you find on broker websites. Instead, look for reviews from respected forex forums and websites. You can find legitimate reviews about registered companies and even blacklists of known scammers.

Our rating of the broker Zetano

Based on the above points, we can confidently state that Zetano broker is definitely a reliable broker and deserves the attention of traders. The broker is developing and keeping up with the times and we believe that new trading opportunities will soon appear at Zetano broker.



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