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The Pillow insurance company may be unknown to you, but it is not completely new to the Czech market. Originally established in 2015 under the name První klubová pojišt’ovna, it rebranded to Pillow in 2019. In the six years of its existence on the Czech market, Pillow has successfully gained thousands of clients. The company’s goal is to offer innovative insurance products through state-of-the-art technology. Pillow operates entirely online, without physical branches, providing convenience to its clients. Clients can easily manage their insurance electronically, and can even set their insurance start date to the hour. Once the contract is signed, the insurance coverage can be used immediately.

The insurance company is also unique in its relationship with its clients. It reimburses its clients from the premiums collected, but pays out 50% of the premiums left over for the year to clients who have driven accident-free for the entire year. So with Pillow you can save twice – if you drive a little, your premiums are reduced, and if you drive accident-free, you get a financial bonus from the insurance company.

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Different types of car insurance and other types of insurance

Pillow’s car insurance products include two basic types of insurance and one additional service:

Compulsory third party insurance: compulsory third party insurance, which every car driver must have, protects the insured against bodily injury and damage to the vehicle and property of others involved in accidents. The premium for compulsory third party insurance is paid according to the distance travelled – you will be hard pressed to find another insurance company with a similar arrangement on the Czech market.

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“For simplicity, the insurance company has decided to include only 11 cushions in the compulsory liability insurance, however, this number of cushions will cover most of the risks of regular and occasional driving by car or other means of transport. As it is a young company, it also offers relatively high insurance limits for property damage or bodily injury, ranging from CZK 70 to 100 million. It is possible to insure not only cars, but also motorcycles or trucks.”

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Collision insurance: every driver who causes an accident should consider taking out collision insurance. Unlike statutory insurance, collision insurance also covers damages caused by an accident to the driver’s own vehicle. Every Pillow customer can personalise their breakdown insurance with ‘pillows’ that include different types of additional cover. You can get collision insurance that covers almost every conceivable risk, whether it’s a car accident, paintwork scratches caused by a key, vandalism or luggage theft.

Support services: It also provides legal advice at any time of the day over the phone. However, you can also seek legal advice in writing. In this case, you will receive a reply within two days.

Home insurance: Pillow offers comprehensive home insurance to protect your home and possessions and provide peace of mind in the event of the unexpected. With Pillow home insurance, you can protect your property from risks such as fire, theft, natural disasters and more. Their insurance coverage usually includes protection for the structure of your home and the personal belongings in it. In the unfortunate event of damage or loss, Pillow strives to ensure a smooth claims process, helping you recover your home and belongings as quickly as possible.

Injury and illness: Pillow provides reliable insurance protection for injuries and illnesses, ensuring you have access to the care you need without financial worry. Whether you’re facing unexpected medical expenses due to an accident or struggling with the cost of treating an illness, Pillow insurance can offer valuable support. Their coverage typically includes medical expenses, hospitalization costs, and even compensation for lost income if you are unable to work due to an injury or illness. In addition, Pillow insurance may offer benefits such as coverage for rehabilitation services, prescription drugs, and other necessary treatments.

Pillow experience, Pillow review, Pillow insurance

After these lucrative offers, you’ll definitely be interested in learning how to become a Pillow user. We’ve put together a short guide for you below.

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How to get insurance from Pillow

Register on the Pillow website or download the mobile app. Fill in the necessary basic information and you will receive a quote and contract proposal immediately. The terms and conditions are clear and simple. These include policy proposals, policy terms and conditions, product information documents and customer contracts. You receive all these documents by email, which I consider a huge advantage in terms of speed of delivery. The attached list of contract car repairers includes a range of contract car repairers.

Immediately after receiving your green card and insurance confirmation email, you will print the necessary documents and can start using your car insurance from the date and time you specified as you ordered when you signed up for insurance.

The insurance is taken out for an indefinite period of time and is established by paying the first instalment of the premium. You can spread your payments over monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual intervals. Another advantage is the customer wallet, which is designed to simplify contract payments; you don’t have to remember various special variables and contract symbols or know whether or not you have multiple contracts with the insurance company. The insurer will also send you any overpayment in case of early termination of the contract or in case of unused mileage to the Customer Wallet.

Pillow experience, Pillow review, Pillow insurance

Pillow Insurance: protecting what matters most

Pillow Insurance brings a breath of fresh air to the stagnant Czech car insurance market. It offers many interesting innovations and services. Not only can you save a lot on insurance if you don’t drive often, but you can also get an annual bonus if you don’t have an accident. These are services for which Pillow currently has no competition. If you then combine the ability to buy car insurance through the app, then this is an insurance company worth checking out.

The main advantage of Pillow Insurance is its simplicity, allowing potential buyers to know exactly what they are paying for. The add-on insurance alone can solve almost any pitfall you may encounter when driving on local roads. Liability insurance prices are affordable, significantly lower than other insurance companies.

Most drivers appreciate the efficient and quality communication of the insurance company, which always tries to meet the individual requirements of its customers. Compulsory liability insurance is very popular especially among seasonal drivers, including motorcyclists, who do not have to buy unnecessarily expensive compulsory liability insurance. Positive feedback also concerns the support services, which mostly work as usual.

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