Russia in talks with China over yuan loan, Russian minister says

Moskva v noci.

Russia is negotiating with China about the possibility of obtaining a loan in Chinese yuan, but no decision has been made on the matter so far. Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov told the RIA news agency. According to him, the Russian Finance Ministry held talks with the Chinese one late last year.

Assets are sensitive to situations abroad

“Negotiations with Chinese partners have been going on for a long time,” Siluanov said. He added that Moscow is ready to start testing payments in digital currencies with China or the Eurasian Economic Union (EAHU) countries. It will promote the idea with its partners.

Siluanov also reiterated Russia’s position that if something happens to Russian assets abroad, it will trigger a similar reaction from Moscow.

Siluanov talks about the current state of Russian economy

The European Union and the G7 group of seven major world economies froze about 300 billion euros worth of Russian central bank assets after Russian troops invaded Ukraine in 2022. The EU and G7 have been discussing for more than a year how they could use the funds, Reuters reported.

“We are following the decision of the Western countries: we have not frozen any less (than them),” Siluanov said.

The minister also said Russia’s budget was under control. Revenues are slightly higher than expected this year and spending is slower than last year because of tighter controls on advance payments and justification of spending.

Source: Czech Press Office


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