Crypto Expo Dubai 2022 – Event report

Crypto expo dubai 2022

Crypto Expo Dubai, organized by the Dubai organizer Homena, was a huge success. The show hosted more than 130 exhibitors from around the world. Attendance on March 16 and 17 exceeded a staggering 10,000 people interested in investing in cryptocurrencies.

A very successful event

Compared to the previous year, the second year saw a 50% increase in exhibitors and a 40% increase in visitors. The show offered a platform for the crypto industry to showcase its products and services. Among the speakers at the festival were Igneus Terrenus, media spokesman for Bybit, and Peter Sumer, founder of BitMarkets, whose booths at the Expo were close by and were the most visited at the show without any debate.

Networking, speakers and awards

The event brought together a wide network of blockchain and crypto professionals from various exchanges, payment and liquidity solution providers and key executives and industry experts. Speakers advised on how to create a network and explore available investment opportunities smartly and securely.

The show featured more than 80 conference topics with two conference halls along with the Crypto Expo Dubai 2022 ceremony, where awards such as the Best Customer Service Award were presented, which was taken by the aforementioned Peter Sumer from BitMarkets.

We wrote more about the BitMarkets broker in this article HERE.

man photographing at crypto expo dubai 2022


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