Coronavirus epidemic weakens, global shares strengthen

Asian, European and American shares grew during Tuesday trading in reaction to declining numbers of infected by the new coronavirus type

Coronavirus spread of COVID-19 seems to be declining, which supports optimism all around the world. At least, that’s what progress on stock markets in major financial centers signalize. And shares have grown even in China. Shanghai Stock Exchange grew in 4% during Tuesday trading, surrounding exchange stocks experience similar progress in blue chips.

Similarly, Europe has been experiencing growth. European stock index STOXX 600 added up 0,7% and ended up on record high values. Frankfurt Stock Exchange DAX index grew in 1%, what was supported by 4% growth of Deutsche Telekom shares. Moreover, London Stock Exchange grew in 7%.

Optimism in Asia and Europe then moved to the US. Local Nasdaq Composite rose in 0,1% on Tuesday compared to Monday trading, yet still reached its record highs. Growth was visible by S&P 500 index, too. Only Dow Jones stagnated and ended up under 30,000 points on Tuesday.


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