BITmarkets COO: The Fintech & Crypto Summit Revealed the Crypto-friendly
Face of Bahrain

Kolejny miesiąc, kolejny kamień milowy dla BITmarkets.

Another month, another milestone for BITmarkets. The propelling crypto exchange is bouncing across the globe to expand its community and get to know its traders on a more personal level.

On February 15th and 16th of 2023, the crypto section of our Trader Magazine participated in the Fintech & Crypto Summit event in Bahrain. Amongst numerous impressive meetings, an interview with BITmarkets’ Chief Operating Officer Peter Sumer took place. The COO highlighted what the event meant for the crypto exchange and where BITmarkets is heading to next in its engaging global tour.

In summary, Peter expressed his delight with the event in the crypto-friendly nation, highlighting the multiple awards earned by BITmarkets and the growth opportunities arising from such exciting events.

Is it the first time BITmarkets set foot in Bahrain?

Yes! This event marked the first time BITmarkets has ever gotten to connect with its Bahraini traders. We were delighted to visit the crypto-friendly country, and were truly impressed by the high ambitions of Bahrain’s crypto traders to learn, grow and adopt crypto in their everyday lives.

What did you find most exciting about the event?

It was an incredible opportunity for us to learn more about Bahrain’s diverse and inclusive culture. The people of Bahrain are amongst the friendliest and most competent people I have met. Their energy was contagious, and we couldn’t help but feel excited when engaging with them and getting to learn more about their goals and aspirations.

Would you consider this event as a success for BITmarkets?

Most definitely. The Fintech & Crypto Summit in Bahrain was a tremendous success, as BITmarkets got to connect with its active traders in Bahrain, while also attracting numerous new traders into its rapidly growing community.

BITmarkets was named the Best Crypto Exchange, highlighting our continuous determination towards achieving greatness, and was also awarded with the accolade of Best Crypto Academy, which illustrates how highly the community values the importance of education and the power of knowledge if grasped properly.

Besides that, we had the chance to meet representatives of pioneering businesses in the realm of crypto, establishing partnerships which aim to leverage our capabilities in providing the seamless & simple crypto trading experience for the entire world.

Where is BITmarkets heading next?

Our next destination lies within the heart of Dubai. We are excited to participate in the fourth edition of the Crypto Expo to bolster our presence in the charming UAE.

These occasions are great opportunities for the community to expand its horizons, and we plan to continue to participate in such events to learn more about the cultures of earth’s different corners to meet the dynamic demands of the modern crypto trader.


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