Mike Henry appointed as next chief executive of global mining giant’s BHP

As the current boss of the Australian mining company Andrew Mackenzie is to retire in the end Mike Henry, 53, will replace him

The BHP company shares decreased by 1,6 percent in reaction to the news. Investors expected Henry’s arrival, yet not that early. Andrew Mackenzie stated recently that he would like to stay in the lead for some time. Some analysts pointed out the Australian mining giant could have used the opportunity to appoint someone with fresh perspectives and new ideas.

Mr Henry, 30-year mining veteran, joined BHP back in 2003. He will face some challenges such as a slowing global economy, which can affect BHP. The company mines coal and copper mostly, yet petroleum and iron ore mining is part of its portfolio, too. These materials are very sensitive to economic cycle. Both company management and stakeholders believe that Mike Henry will be the perfect replacement for upcoming months and years. BHP operates in Australia, north and south America, Europe and Asia.


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