Major Asian stock markets, with the exception of Shanghai, are strengthening

Hong Kong, Seoul, and Tokyo started not only the business week but also the new month with growth. Indices on major Asian stock exchanges have moved upwards. An exception is the Shanghai Stock Exchange, which ended Monday’s trading with a positive zero.

The Tokyo stock index Nikkei strengthened by almost 1.5 percent on Monday. He erased all Friday’s losses and bounced back from the lowest level in the last two months. The Nikkei went up thanks to the earnings season when individual companies announce financial data for the third quarter. And it is the companies whose management is developing in accordance with the economic cycle that has positively surprised investors. It turned out that they are recovering and some are even improving their year-round outlook.

Seoul’s main stock market index rose similarly strongly. Its growth of 1.46 percent represents the largest daily increase in more than two months. The stock market reacted positively to data on Chinese activity in the industry, which increased the fastest in the last decade, mainly due to domestic demand. It is paradoxical that the Shanghai Stock Exchange saw an increase of only 0.02 percent. The Hong Kong Hang Seng index added the same as the Seoul Stock Exchange, 1.46 percent, and was also driven mainly by favorable data from China.


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