Misuse of the identity of Caspar Asset Management a.s.

With the increase in options and variety of trading platforms in the financial world, there are also more and more fraudsters that make investors increasingly wary. In addition to creating their own platform and operating as an unlicensed broker, scammers may choose another route. This involves stealing the identity of a legitimate company through which they deceive customers. Today we will highlight fraudsters posing as the Polish company Caspar Asset Management a.s.

Description of the issue:

Caspar Asset Management s.a. is a legitimate Polish company with its registered office at Półwiejska 32, 61-888 in Poznan. Caspar Group provides its customers with a space to build a portfolio of investment funds. They have no foreign branches except for a cross-border presence in Luxembourg, and do not operate in the Czech Republic. Similarly, all of the company’s contracts and terms and conditions are only available in Polish, as they state in their warning message.

The company warned about fraudsters in October 2023, and the Czech National Bank (CNB) also highlighted the issue in November 2023. In the warning, Caspar Group also pointed out the only legitimate email domains and named advisors through which the company’s employees communicate: @casparam.pl, @caspar.com.pl, @caspartfi.pl or @casparafi.pl.

Manifestations of fraudsters:

Fraudsters contact the public via email – gajosdavis10@gmail.com, and others – and link in the message to a fake investment platform illegally branded with Caspar Asset Management’s logo and website. The scam uses forged documents to make transfers to external bank accounts.

Recommendation to investors:

Please do not reply to the emails of the address mentioned above. It is crucial to be aware of the risks associated with financial transactions and investments and to be cautious when communicating with investment companies. Given the increasing incidence of fraud, such as the recent case of identity fraud at Caspar Asset Management, it is important that we as investors are cautious and do not respond to suspicious messages or offers of investment via telephone communications from unknown numbers that are not verifiable.

By informing ourselves and investigating every investment opportunity, we can minimize the risk of fraud and protect our finances and identity. Let’s be vigilant and actively protect our investments from fraudulent practices. If you are unsure of which platform to invest your assets through, we recommend eToro – a reliable and licensed broker.

For more information about the regulations and the list of licensed companies, you can visit this link.