Stocks in both Hong Kong and China rose on Wednesday. They reacted to US inflation data

City skyline Hong Kong, China

Trading on stock exchanges in China and Hong Kong was marked by relatively strong growth on Wednesday. Stock markets were mainly dragged by technology titles. Moreover, investors reacted to Tuesday’s US inflation data.

The Shanghai Stock Exchange, as measured by the aggregate index, gained 0.6 percent, while the CSI index of blue chips stocks firmed 0.8 percent. The smaller Shenzhen Stock Exchange posted slightly stronger growth in Wednesday trading, with the main index adding nearly 1.5 percent. Both Chinese markets showed good investor sentiment, especially for technology titles. The segment strengthened by 1.38 percent in Shanghai and 2.24 percent in Shenzhen.

The Hong Kong Stock Exchange saw strong growth. Its main Hang Seng index added 1.42 percent. A sub-index involving Chinese companies rose 1.37 percent. The technology segment grew by nearly 2.5 percent, and shares of raw materials companies added as much as 4.29 percent. Hong Kong reacted to US inflation data, which reached its highest level since July 2018 in March. Investors are worried about opportunities to protect their money from rising inflation in the US.


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