Both Bitcoin and Ethereum hold on to record levels

The cryptocurrency market has been evolving in recent weeks in such a way that it is more of a rarity when a new price record doesn’t fall on any day. This concerns not only Bitcoin but also the second most important virtual currency in terms of market capitalization — Ethereum.

On Wednesday night Central European time, the price of Bitcoin reached a new record level. It exceeded $52k for the first time in history. It did so just hours after she broke the 50-thousand-mark mark. The market capitalization of the bitcoin market is close to $1 billion, with Bitcoins trading in excess of $66 billion in the past 24 hours.

Bitcoin’s unprecedented upward ride is dragging other cryptocurrencies for which investors see more potential for appreciation at the moment than with Bitcoin. Price records have also been upgraded several times in the past weeks by Ethereum, Stellar or Chainlink. Ethereum has been holding close to the $1800 limit for a week, with until less than two months ago its value was about not half that. Stellar has appreciated more than threefold since Christmas, similar to Chainlink.

It can be assumed that the growing optimism in world financial markets, combined with the persistent relaxed monetary policy of major central banks, has established a trend in the nearest weeks will help to preserve.


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