Israel to supply Europe with natural gas

During the weekend, an agreement on construction of pipeline connecting Israeli deposits with southern European countries was signed. The subsea pipeline should be completed by 2025.

Israel to supply Europe with natural gas

The Israeli, Italian and Greek governments confirmed construction of the Eastmed pipeline providing natural gas to these two European countries. The pipeline has been in planning for some time. However, there’s still need for final approval to be reached by 2022. The construction of $6 million should be completed by 2025.

A land and sea survey in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea is currently underway to observe the route of 1,900 km. The pipeline is planned to transport 10 billion cubic meters of gas per year with possible doubling of the capacity. In the beginning of the year, mining operations were launched in a distance roughly 120 km from Israeli coast. The deposit of natural gal called Leviathan bears roughly 450 million cubic meters of gas, and additional 200 billion is stored in Aphrodite fields. Apart from transporting natural gas to Europe, the pipeline will be supplying gas to Jordan and Egypt


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