KPMG introduced crypto asset management tools

Professional services network KPMG from so called Big 4 has launched tools for management of crypto-asset services. The company introduced tools, which will connect virtual and traditional currencies.

KPMG introduced crypto asset management tools

KPMG has introduced a new product for institutional clients called KPMG Chain Fusion. The project will enable customers manage their virtual asset investment in compliance with regulations of financial market. The suite allows these customers to manage their property via traditional, fintech and blockchain databases. 

KPMG had been working of the project for about a year, and actual suite of tools has been created since February. Chain Fusion represents system of standardized data model for all kinds of transaction that KPMG guarantees and conducts, regardless of whether transactions concern crypto or standard environment. 

KPMG declares that asset management will be faster and more effective, but will also provide more data security. The company has not yet announced numbers of clients either using the system or planning to use the system. Yet, the company stated that the suite had been discussed with many current and possible clients. 


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