Tokio opened new hydrogen station


Tokio opened its fourth and so far the largest hydrogen refueling station. The station was part of nation’s clean energy transportation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Hydrogen refueling station is capable of refueling up to 20 buses daily. “Many people from all over the world will visit Tokyo to attend Olympics and Paralympics in 2020. It will be perfect opportunity to present Japan as one of top technology countries, especially in hydrogen,” Takashi Anamizu, executive vice president of Tokyo Gas, stated.

Three current hydrogen refueling stations are capable of fueling 4.5 buses daily, which was lower that Japan estimated. Carbon from the new station will be carbon neutral. Royal Dutch Shell, liquefied natural gas supplier, used carbon dioxide credits to offset emissions.

Tokyo expects to increase number of hydrogen buses to 100 from current 17. Concurrently, number of hydrogen refueling stations should increase. Japan plans to have 160 stations throughout the country and the number should double in 5 years.


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