Commodity futures grow. The market should stabilize.

Commodity markets are quite fluctuating this year. That is an unusual phenomenon and concerns commodity futures, too.

Apparently, it won’t change easily. The analysts recommend to pay attention on progress not only on gold and petroleum market, but also markets concerning other metals such as copper, nickel or aluminum. While gold reacts to the situation either with grow to increasing inflation or to Central Banks interest rates decrease, other strategic commodities are sensitive to global economic activities.

If became a standard that China is the main driver of demand for metal. That affects the price of metals, except for gold. Yet, its manufacturing industry seems to be slowing down recently. The persistent business tension between China and the US does have an impact on the situation, too. It depends mainly on those two actors whether the market will stabilize.

The uncertainty of commodity markets spreads across futures market. The disputes between the US and China have a strong impact on its future, too. Lately though, industrial metals futures were traded with tens of percent higher than in the end of the last week. Agricultural crops futures such as soy beans, castor seed or coriander grew to 1-3 percent more in the beginning of this week.


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