Bitcoin volatility will be calmed by the arrival of other institutional investors

According to Jeff Currie of THE US investment bank Goldman Sachs, bitcoin would be helped if more institutional investors opened their positions there. This would make cryptocurrency a full-fledged asset that might not be subject to such fluctuations as it does now.

The more massive arrival of institutional investors is an absolutely key element in stabilizing the development of the Bitcoin market. Jeff Currie, head of commodity market research at US investment bank Goldman Sachs, is convinced. This will make the Bitcoin market more “mature” and will not be subject to the fluctuations that have occurred in recent weeks and months.

“At present, institutional investors have relatively little money invested in Bitcoin. Of the about $700 billion that the bitcoin market represents, only about one percent comes from institutional investors,” Currie said in an interview with CNBC television station.

According to Currie, Bitcoin is similar to a defensive asset as gold. About $1 trillion is currently allocated in all cryptocurrencies. If this amount were doubled, Currie said, it would be easy to determine what a fair price bitcoin could be. It is the development of the gold market that could serve as a model for bitcoin, Currie thinks.


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