Trump considers proposing new tax incentives for investment in stocks

American households could invest up to $10,000 more to shares and securities on a tax-free basis

Trump administrative will propose to reduce tax burden of households for investment purpose. Households earning up to $200,000 could invest up to $10,000 of that income on a tax-free basis.

“Nothing is decided yet,” said one Trump administration official to The discussion should now focus on determination of a specific non-taxable amount. If the tax-free procedure applied on income taxes as well, many American households could benefit from that.

According to estimations, number of people having their savings saved in securities makes about 50%. Before the Great Depression in 1929, 62% of American households invested to shares and similar assets. Yet, after Wall Street Crash of 1929 the number dropped down to 50%. In the Czech Republic, the number makes 5%, which equals to European standards.


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