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Canada and the United States could work more closely together on...

According to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his country could work more closely together to produce electric cars and supply important components, including batteries or other technologies.

Low lithium prices may slow the boom in electromobility

The president of lithium mining leader Albemarle Corp has warned of a flagging global lithium market.

Europe should use hydrogen more, thinks German economy minister

According to Peter Altmaier, European Union member countries should focus more on cooperation in developing the use of hydrogen in industry including automotive.

Brazilian mining company Vale negotiates nickel supply with Tesla

Both Vale and Tesla are interested in a mutual agreement. The electric car manufacturer needs to ensure a stable and long-term supply of nickel...

Chile says that within ten years the demand for lithium will...

Electric vehicle production will completely dominate demand for lithium over the next ten years. In 2030, it will be 79 per cent by demand...