Meta Platforms’ Profit per Employee of $497,338 Highest Among the Big Techs

Meta Platforms was 2021's most profitable big tech company in terms of profits per employee. It made a profit of $29.1 billion from 58,604 employees, giving it a profit ratio of $497,338.

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Meta Platforms’ success is due to several factors, including its focus on artificial intelligence and its ability to attract and retain talent,” said MoneyTransfers’ CEO Jonathan Merry. He added, “The company has also effectively monetized its user base through advertising and other revenue streams. Consequently, it is well positioned to continue its position as the most profitable big tech company.”

Comparing the Big 4

Apple followed Meta Platforms in the second spot. The company’s 147,000 employees earned it a profit of $57.4B in the last fiscal year, which translated into a profit per employee ratio of nearly $390, 551.

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, is the third most profitable company regarding employee profit. Its employees make an average of $298,000 per year. 

Meanwhile, Microsoft is fourth on the list of big tech companies with the highest average profit per employee. Its average profit per employee figure was $271 663 in 2021. Its success is primarily due to its dominant position in the personal computer market.

Which Sector Had the Best Profit per Employee Ratio?

Financials had the best profit per employee ratio. The sector registered an average profit of $78 073 per employee. This is likely because the financial sector comprises industry giants such as banks and insurance companies.

Technology came in second with an average profit ratio of $77,961. Meanwhile, Food, Beverages, and Tobacco came in third with an average profit ratio of $44 442.


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