Chinese stocks rebounded from a 15-month low. The appeal of the state media helped


Shares on the Shanghai Stock Exchange rebounded in the middle of the last week of January. Both the main and aggregate indexes added 0.7 percent on Wednesday.

Investors on the Shanghai Stock Exchange were dominated earlier this week by fears of an upcoming meeting of the Federal Reserve, which is expected to provide more information on the planned tightening of monetary policy. The Shanghai floor thus rode a wave of fears that swept through virtually all major stock markets.

Paradoxically, The Chinese state media may have brought calm. It appealed to financial institutions that trade on the stock exchange to try to ensure stability both for the capital market itself and for its further development.

The segments of the engineering industry and the energy industry responded the most to the appeal. Shares of these companies rose two percent. In the opposite direction, however, the pharmaceutical sector went, writing off almost two percent. China’s recovery also spilled over to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, which firmed 0.19 percent on Wednesday, as measured by the Hang Seng Index. The technology sector added nearly one percent.


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